Letter to the Editor

Out my window

the ash and the Evergreen

stand side by side,

apart not more than five feet wide.

The big showy Ash full of plump white blossoms

and the tall spiky evergreen with bright new tips

decided nows the time to have Spring dips.

Strike up the band

A big wind come up

it was as if they were dancing

you know, the kind

where your partner

is out there in space, prancing.

Bowing deep swoops, flailing arms,

doing the bump

with imaginary charms.

This unlikely pair was ducking

and driving and swimmingly gay,

throwing kerchiefs then trotting away, only to sneak back in ambush mode

Boo! said the ash being made to explode.

Caught you unaware

match that if you dare.

Wind changes to the north

Ash taken back, stiffly said not so fast, Evergreen

your whiskers are tickling my scene.

Youre too loose, said the Sprucebe stately like me

Ya right said the Ash

as a freak whirlwind made them dash

into deliciously driven great circling swoops,

laughing round and round

like two old barstool poops,

then came to a hilarious stop,

shaking and quaking and rocking on top.

A little Ash next door seemed to say

Ill never act like that when I grow up someday.

Yes you will.

Now, not a word did they utter,

Not even a bird, just a shudder.

The wind decreased

Now theyre nodding and talking

Clapping their hands, occasionally stopping.

Otherwise, these two old friends

That had to get along,

Stand silently straight and respectfully strong

The Ash and the Evergreen, side by side,

Apart not more than five feet wide.

Barb Thorson