You heard breaking election results first from The Pioneer all night long. See the Friday, November 25th edition of the paper for more coverage. Here are the final results, including Invermere council:


MayorGerry Taft (717) vs. Al Miller (389)

CouncillorsSpring Hawes (571), Justin Atterbury (559), Greg Anderson (556), Paul Denchuk (528) Dale Wilker (512), Ray Brydon (407), Dave McGrath (326), Richard Unger (289), Rob Dunn (195), Stephanie Stevens (152).

AREA G: Gerry Wilkie (202) vs. Roberta Hall (126)

AREA F: Wendy Booth (elected by acclamation)


Mayor (by acclamation) – Dee Conklin

CouncillorsRon Verboom (130), Clara Reinhardt (130), Todd Logan (129), Karen Larsen (79). Deb Fischer (78), Don Devlin (73).

The council and mayor for the Village of Canal Flats were elected by acclamation. They are as follows:

Mayor – Ute Juras

Councillors – Evence Blanchard, Gilbert Delorme, Marie Delorme, Paul Marcil.

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