Mayor remain optimistic 13th Avenue to be paved soon

By Steve Hubrecht

Work on two major infrastructure projects in Invermere is proceeding quickly, and if the weather holds, both should remain on schedule.

On both projects — sewer and other infrastructure upgrades on 13th Avenue, and the latest phase in downtown revitalization efforts on 7th Avenue — contractors are working as hard as they can, Invermere mayor, Al Miller, told the Pioneer.

The downtown revitalization has so far gone without any hitches, but the work on 13th Avenue was more complex than originally thought, noted Miller.

“They’re doing very well. I believe they (the contractors working on 13th Avenue) are still hoping to be paving soon. It’s getting near the end of the month now, but that was their goal, to be paving in October,” he said. “At this point, it may, to a certain extent, come down to weather.”

Miller explained that most of downtown revitalization work should be done this fall, although some of it may need to be finished up in the spring.