The Valley GoGo Sisters, a group of local grandmothers, are making a switch from green for St. Patrick’s Day to red for Valentine’s Day for their annual Tea. 

To treat your friends and loved ones (or yourself ) on Valentine’s Day, and to support a great cause, they invite you to order soon to enjoy “Tea for Two – or Just for You”, eight pieces of home baked sweet treats and tea, delivered to your door on Thursday, Feb. 14 for a total cost of $30.

All proceeds from Tea for Two go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign which was launched in Canada in March 2006 in response to the emerging crisis faced by African grandmothers. 

When the HIV epidemic swept across the continent of Africa, it took the lives of nearly an entire generation – 35 million perished – which left their children alone and vulnerable. With little or no support, it was the grandmothers of Africa who stepped in to care for these children.

Grandmothers and ‘grandothers’ in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States rallied in response, creating a dynamic movement. They raise funds in their local communities to support the life-enhancing programs run by grandmothers in Africa and the community-led organizations who support them.

The grandmothers movement amplifies the voices and expertise of grandmothers in Africa, and shows the world that leadership by older women is critical in reclaiming hope and rebuilding resilience across communities.

The deadline for ordering Valentine’s Tea for Two is Friday, Feb. 9 and a maximum of 50 orders will be accepted. All orders will be delivered mid-day on February 14. We hope you will join us for tea to support the endeavours of the grandmothers campaign.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Luana Gillies, 250 342-9600 (email [email protected]) or Sherry Dewey, 250 342-9733 (email [email protected]).