Submitted by Arnold Malone,
Pioneer Columnist

Socrates, an ancient Greek Philosopher from 470 -399 BC, has stated that the primary motivation for people is their search for love. (For those who insist on written accuracy, I did not actually hear Socrates say that.)

A time ago in the same spirit, Bertrand Russell while being interviewed on a British media outlet was asked, “Dr. Russell you have three PhD’s one in mathematics, one in philosophy and one in music. You have been an activist all of your life. Now, at age 87 you are organizing and participating in a demonstration against the Vietnam war. What has been your greatest search?”

Bertrand Russell responded, “It was the search for love.”

Interviewer: (Sounding somewhat surprised) “Did you ever find it?”

Russell: “Yes, in my fourth marriage.”

Russell has also written, “Love brings ecstasy so great I would trade the rest of my life for a few moments of it.” (Mind you he said that just prior to the end of his life.)

Love must endure through good days and bad but Valentine’s Day is an invitation to celebrate what love offers. It is a time to express one’s love and to be grateful for having being enriched from a loving relationship.

Love is one of those sensations that is realized when apparent but it is near impossible to define. Love is demonstrated more by deeds than by words but don’t ever get caught on the thin ice of thinking that love words don’t matter.

We use the word love in such variety of uses that meaning has to be found in context since no definition represents the wide manner in which the word is used. We love new snow, a powder blue dress, a shaving cream, a warm day, the library, a new movie, a cell phone, a horseback ride, and a splendid view. Some people even love cooked cabbage. There once was a breakfast cereal called Cream of Wheat. Some people loved it. I thought my mother was trying to kill me by telling me, “There are no lumps in it and It is good for you.” There were lumps in it.

When one says, “I love my horse” surely, surely, surely the word “love” does not mean the same as when you express, I love my special person.

Love is like the wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it.

Love is an emotion that is first felt, then known. Love is important to seek and find because people long for its’ warm security. Sad is the life that endures a hundred years and never knew love. Love is what makes life’s trip worthwhile.

So, this Valentine’s Day take the opportunity to celebrate the love you share. Voice your thanks. Let all who you love know with certainty that your shared love is secure. You will feel good when you do and so will those who hear your feelings.

Love requires kindness, respect and sharing. It is my strong belief that love is a multi-volume story, chapter upon chapter which cannot be measured in a single moment. It grows when it endures.

The love we give is the only love we keep. So today, pile high a big load of love.
Happy Valentine’s Day.