Valley-connected biathlete Megan Imrie capped her solid Olympic performance in Sochi with a top-10 result as part of the women’s relay and an oh-so-near top-10 result as part of the men’s and women’s mixed relay team.

Ms. Imrie and her teammates Zina Kocher, Roasanna Crawford and Megan Heinicke skied (and sharp-shot) their way to eighth place in women’s relay on February 21st, a standout finish for a team nobody had high expectation of until recently.

“We were a handful of nobodies a few years ago and we’ve come up and can challenge some of the top nations,” said Ms. Imrie, speaking about the relay team before the games. The team had commanded attention in the lead-up to Sochi with a strong fourth place finish in a World Cup race in December.

A few days earlier, on February 19th, Ms. Imrie, Ms. Crawford, Brendan Green and Scott Perras missed a top-10 finish in the men’s and women’s mixed relay by a bit more than 15 seconds, coming in 11th place overall.

“It’s pretty likely it’s my last Olympics, but I haven’t made any decisions yet, so we’ll see how things turn out,” said Ms. Imrie.

The biathlete made it to Sochi thanks in part to a fundraiser here in the valley.  Ms. Imrie is good friends with Luxor Corrals owners Cheryl Condy and Doug Goodwin. The couple have known Ms. Imrie since she was a little kid, as Ms. Condy and Ms. Imrie are both originally from Falcon Lake, Manitoba. Ms. Condy apprenticed with Ms. Imrie’s father, who ran a trail riding ranch, and lived with Ms. Imrie’s parents for about a decade.