Dear Editor:

Even before the election has been called, on April 14th, 2013, some pathetic individual in Revelstoke took it into his or her pea brain to kick in the front door of one of the candidates offices.

Pathetic to say the least, but maybe Doug, and Norm, and Earl could make a joint statement, in all the papers of the entire riding, printed over all three names, that any prosecution of the perpetrators would be signed and endorsed by all candidates, no matter the political party.

Maybe the three can make a public statement together that they and the rest of society do not accept this fearful and pathetic action. That might include removal and defacing of signs.

On another note here, this stupidity simply shows how these particular individuals fear the ability for a particular candidate to win the constituency. In their actions, they show their fear. Pity them in their fear, pity them in their actions, pity them him or her, old, young or middle-aged pity them.

David Pacey, Radium Hot Springs