The valley is open for visitors, according to a catchy song and dance posted online that says: “Hey, hey! Come back and play, play. Our valley’s just as magical as yesterday.”

The video was a collaboration between the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, residents and politicians.

“It’s been a bumpy round but we want you to know that we’ve missed you. Now that the coast is clear we’d love to have you here,” begins the song as enthusiastic dancers rock their socially-distant moves.

The Chamber released the video with a statement that said: “this music video represents cooperation, resilience and a new day for our local community and our many visitors from all over the world.”

Council members from Radium – wearing jerseys for the Stampeders, Flames and Oilers – danced near Sinclair Canyon. Invermere council members participated too, as did skateboarders, Indigenous dancers, business folks and valley mascots from Super Berry to dancing slices of pizza – all joining together to welcome visitors back after months of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

To watch the video, go to or go to YouTube and search for The Valley Strong Project.

The invitation for visitors to come back and play in the valley does not apply to camping in provincial parks, where only B.C. residents are allowed to camp this summer.