Dear Editor:

I read with interest Kate Irwins editorial about some bad manners she had the misfortune to experience with a couple of retailers in Invermere recently. She stated that negative impressions stick, and shes dead right.

Most shop owners have only one chance to make a positive impression on a customer whether that person is a tourist or a local.

Its crazy how much money is spent encouraging customers to their door, only to greet them with inexperienced dirt cheap floor staff who plainly dont give a damn about anything but a pay cheque every two weeks.

I had a negative, totally unexplainable experience recently in a popular, long-established main street business in Invermere and Ill never set foot in the place again. It doesnt matter how good they are at what they produce or that theyve been doing it for decades Im finished!

They can only throw a pouty, arrogant service person in front of me once, just once. I do not give second chances in this arena, and I do not try to sort through or understand the plethora of problems plaguing the stressed.

All of these outfits fail their full potential because some of us fussy old dudes refuse to provide retailers with an audience for their staff to practise rude behaviour on.

The most successful merchants succeed because they understand why God created customers: they spend money on stuff! Its just unfortunate some dont have much competition.

Anyone I leave my precious hard-earned money with will earn my loyalty and repeat business. Am I the only one surprised at how many business owners forget, or never did grasp a few simple basic business concepts?

Alvin Shier

Canmore, Alberta