By Darla Spiry

During the summer months, our village (Columbia Garden) has been fortunate to have a wonderful volunteer Gardener: Lila Fodchuk.

Lila and her student helper, Cora Fitzpatrick, have kept our Ivy House gardens and seating areas beautiful, clean of debris, and with vibrant colours throughout the summer. This was no small task for a retired woman who hauled water daily out to the gardens. 

These two dedicated volunteers swept the areas daily, provided planters for the placement of debris, and were present every day to water the beautiful flowers, plants, and herbs. 

Lila has been collecting the flower seeds for next year’s plantings, and seeds from sunflowers (as shown) for arts and crafts in the winter. 

Our Ivy House is very appreciative of Lila and Cora, and each has been provided a small token of our appreciation for their efforts throughout the entire summer.

We wish them both a healthy and warm winter, and we hope they will return to volunteer with our Ivy House again in the summer of 2024.