Dear Editor:

The election is almost upon us. Its time to take a stand now and vote for something you believe in. Part of the political mediocrity we find ourselves in is due to the fact that people have stopped voting for something or someone and have replaced it with voting against something or someone.

A strategic vote is a wasted vote, meant to stop something rather than to start something. It is a negative vote rather than a positive vote and benefits no one but those who promote it.

A strategic vote is a fear-based vote rather than an empowered vote. Its like agreeing to pay protection so you wont get pushed around instead of taking a stand for the belief that being pushed around is wrong.

Maybe those doing the pushing wont get the message the first time a stand is taken, but if we never take a stand, they will never get the message and nothing will ever have to change.

A strategic vote complicates something which is simple. It is an inaccurate indication of how people really feel.

How is our government supposed to listen to us and what we need when we cant even be straight about what we stand for?

Be sure to vote. It matters and your one vote does make a big difference. It doesnt matter who you vote for but please vote for something.

Juanita R. Violini