Dear Editor:

After a summer of emergencies and catastrophes across the county, we are heading to a federal election. The MP we choose will have a say on climate policy decisions. These decisions will impact our communities.

We need the federal government to do its part when it comes to climate action. Without them carrying their weight, it becomes even more difficult for our local elected government to foster social, environmental and economic wellbeing for all residents.

This summer had us hiding indoors for too much of it. Between heat-domes, heatwaves and poor air quality, it was difficult to get outside and do what we love to do. Yet the inconveniences I felt this summer pale in comparison to what many in our province faced – evacuations and loss of homes! The future will see an increase in extreme weather events, experts are predicting water shortages, and our fire season is getting longer.

 Climate change is a huge and complex problem. Federal, Provincial and local government collaboration is vital. Vote for the candidate that takes climate change seriously and who will work to make a meaningful difference. 

Tracy Flynn
Fairmont Hot Springs