Dear Editor:

In this last provincial election, over twice as many B.C. voters stayed at home as voted for the BC Liberals. Yet, with only 23 percent of registered voters, they pulled a huge 17-seat majority out of a hat. Not much different from Steven Harpers strong, stable, majority, engineered using just 24 percent of registered voters. Magic? No, voter suppression. Tactics Steven Harper smuggled in from the States.

Harper doesnt want everybody voting. After all, so many Canadians are just radical environmentalistsif not terrorists! Nothing like his honourable upper crust cohorts in big business, with their fraudulent off-shore accounts. Harper feels democracy has run its course.Its now time for big business to run the showlike in Haiti and


Its easy overthrowing democracy the United States has done it worldwide for years. Theyre just too happy to help for some oil.Lesson One: control the flow of information gag public servants, cabinet ministers, scientists, dont talk to reporters, allow big business to merge Canadas mainstream media into one giant monopoly, and, of course, as soon as possible, axe the CBC. Its already working. Half the population has no idea who to vote for.

Bryan Stawychny