By Nicole Trigg

Pioneer Staff

You have 18 votes. Can you think of any other time youve been handed 18 votes all at once? You have to live at least 85 years to vote 18 times at the federal level. Who wants to wait that long? Instead, vote 18 times right now in the Aviva Community Fund.

In last weeks All About Our Centre column, it was announced that the valleys new multi-use centre is in a national competition called the Aviva Community Fund. Through this competition, the Aviva Corporation wants to distribute $1,000,000 to communities across Canada and the Columbia Valley Centre is in the running to grab some of that cash to put toward a state-of-the-art projector and screen.

The Projector and Screen Project must receive at least 15,000 website votes to move through the Voting Round and onto the next funding step.

1. Go to and click Register Now then first-time users must click Register Now again at the bottom of the screen (or Register with Facebook) and enter your details.

2. Enter Columbia Valley Centre under Browse or Search Projects and click on Project and Screen for Columbia Valley Centre.

3. Cast all your votes lets win this!