Dear Editor:

As a motorist, like many others, when I see flag persons, there is an inward sigh while I wonder how long the delay might be.

For the past two weeks I have been working on the Rotary Crossroads Project under the watchful eye of Don Clowers and his crew from Club Towing.

I now have a total new respect for their job and function as flag persons and traffic control.

We Rotarians sometimes as many as 15 at one time basically put our safety in their hands during our beautification project as we stumbled around with rakes and shovels whilst an incredible amount of traffic moved around us. We felt safe!

The question is, were they safe?

I could not believe how many motorists tried to sneak around, went too fast, or were just not paying attention (no cell phones allowed, people!).

I have totally new respect for their function, and if I could, I would invite anyone who does not believe me to stand out there for even 30 minutes and not come away shaking their head in bewilderment.

Slow down folks. Red-and-yellow vests are not a target! They are protecting people. Pay attention please.

Rod Turnbull