Dear Editor:

The B.C. governments latest $1 million tunnel vision approach to Jumbo Glacier Resort exceeds reality and common sense period. This infernal race to destroy our glaciers and dominate our backcountry with offshore money requires the injection of smart pills or something to the powers that be. A glass of water with something in it no ice!

The $1 million dollars has immediate use for quality of life for so many in B.C.

Now, the future of water. Here are a few facts:

For a mission to Mars, scientists first question is about water.

Earths most important commodity is water.

UN science research around global warming hello!

Fracking is an underground disaster for water.

Columbia River Treaty: Canada and the U.S. share the water.

This Columbia River and Kootenay Valley is special and destined to be more so in the coming years. Lets take care of it now and quench our thirst in a responsible matter.

Jim Ashworth, Invermere