Water system construction in Windermere is moving forward on budget and remains on schedule for a fall connection to the water treatment plant.

The work includes connecting the Windermere townsite water system to the Parr water system as well as upgrading fire hydrants and water mains in town. Construction on the pressure-reducing station building could start in June and is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

“Construction is underway. It’s going very well. It’s always a little slow to get started, but everything is in place now,” said Elizabeth Ahlgren, project supervisor with the Regional District of East Kootenay. “The contractor is moving ahead with construction within the Windermere townsite. We’ve already done most of the work (to install a watermain) on the highway.”

The highway work should be completed within a few weeks, depending on project conditions and work in residential areas.

Within the village, the main streets that will be affected by construction include: Sinclair Avenue, North Street, Victoria Avenue, the lane between Selkirk Street and Government Street, and the lane between Government Street and Kootenay Street.

“Temporary waterlines are still in place and will be for awhile,” Ms. Ahlgren said, adding that the waterlines will be moving around as work is completed. The temporary waterlines are protected, but she asks drivers to use care when crossing them.