Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Ms. Campbell for her letter in The Pioneer on October 28th and for the opportunity to better clarify the objectives of The Lake Windermere Watersports Association (LWWA).

In her letter, Ms. Campbell mentioned that the lack of engagement (by second homeowners) can only be due to the failure of responsible participation … over the past several years. I could not agree more.

I had the opportunity to attend my first Lake Windermere Management Committee (LWMC) meeting recently and one of the board members, a long-time second homeowner here, echoed this sentiment stating that he was never consulted or included in local issues so he took matters into his own hands, got involved and discovered the information he desired by himself.

Involving oneself in these matters, being well informed and engaging in the process is key to ensuring that ones interests form part of the final solution. That is precisely why the LWWA was formed. Our mandate is simple: to provide a conduit of information, clarify misconceptions and to be a meaningful part of the process. It is our belief, in the spirit of community cooperation, that it is far more productive to be a part of the process than to complain about the results after the fact.

A meeting in Calgary was only one suggested solution on how to better engage second homeowners, but by no means was it the only way to gain inclusion. It is our desire to work cooperatively with the LWMC to enhance the public consultation phase of the plan and to add to the process, not to break it down.

As to Ms. Campbells other queries, Akiskinook Resort, Timber Ridge, The Cottages in Lakeview Meadows, Mountain Heights, Lakeview Meadows and Terra Vista are just some of our local communities that either hold or have held Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings or regular council meetings in Calgary.

We are grateful to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors for the work they have done and their contribution as it pertains to water monitoring. The health of the lake is paramount to our efforts, as are all forms of continued recreational opportunities motorized and otherwise.

I am not sure if any of our membership have ever participated in Ambassadors organized shoreline clean-ups, but everyone contributes to this end by either participating in such events, maintaining their propertys shoreline, or paying community association fees which employ staff to maintain, clean and beautify their community shoreline, beaches and marinas.

It is my hope that this response helps clarify the LWWAs objectives. Thanks to the continued cooperation from the LWMC, we are making great progress and appreciate the invitation from the LWMC for one of our members to sit on the management board that spot will be filled shortly.

This will go a long way toward cooperative solutions from the widely varied users of our lake and to maintain the health, integrity and enjoyment of the lake for now and for generations to come.

Dave McGrath

Lake Windermere Watersports Association