Letter to the editor

That all levels of government in Canada and most of the world have dilly-dallied on the disaster created by plastic waste’s consequences on this planet is unforgivable.  

It is also unforgivable that most of us have knowingly done little to protest or in reality reduce our consumption of plastic. Our local town council, after stalling and failing to adequately prioritize this plastic eco calamity for years [though in reality tough in a very small town alone], says they will now avoid and wait for Canadian federal/provincial measures. So prepare for more extended procrastination, excuses, and minimal implementations.  

Shockingly, unless stopped in the next decade, production of new plastic will double the amount that has ever been produced in the last 100 years.  Banning only plastic grocery bags and fast food outlets from dispensing single-use plastic is literally grasping at straws. And just vainly carrying your reusable cloth shopping bag is a sad pathetic false act when we just fill them to the brim with plastic packaged groceries and products.

Rwanda, yes cheers Rwanda, has banned all plastic packaging since 1999. That is true mature leadership. 

Our continued gross overuse of plastic here in Canada is criminal and we are all extremely guilty.

Bill Ark,  Invermere