Letter to the editor

First let me begin by saying thank you for giving us the gift of a local paper that would make any town proud.

A paper that we await every Thursday, good schools, a hospital which cares, a high functioning library. 

These are the hallmarks of a civil society.

 The decision to protect a sliver of the foreshore from entitlement is something to be celebrated. 

In theory the foreshore belongs to us all. Lake Windermere is rife with the challenges that everyday people face just trying to gain access.

As the spread in economic well-being grows, entitlement rears its powerful head.

 It is up to all of us to watch, to report with facts and justice, and to make courageous decisions.

We are here because of the lake. It is only right that we take care of the lake.

 There is much to do. 

 Victoria Page, Windermere