Dear Editor:

In the last weeks, a number of the communities that I represent have lost highly respected elders whose lives were celebrated in memorial services that outlined years of service to community and a commitment to future generations.

It is a tremendous reminder of the important contribution that seniors make to our society. I believe that we must honour that contribution by enhancing our democracy, protecting the things we hold in common, and ensuring opportunity for our children.

And we must be sure that we make choices that show seniors just how deeply we value what they have given and what they continue to give to our communities.

But I am concerned that too frequently the way our seniors are treated shows very little respect.

Seniors tell me that programs like DriveABLE, fee increases for residential care and reductions to health services make it seem like they are not a priority of the BC Liberal government.

We need to make life better for seniors. We need to invest in ensuring that seniors are comfortable and cared for.

People in this area are very clear that they want the best for the elders in our society. And I agree.

Who we are as a province is measured by the way we treat our seniors. And, in British Columbia, we simply have to do better.

Norm Macdonald

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA