Dear Editor:

It was very disturbing to read about Kodie the dog who was trapped in a Conibear trap for nearly 24 hours. How about the coyote, wolf or beaver? These animals are all suffering the same fate. This is cruel and unnecessary treatment of these beautiful and natural creatures.

Why should any of them suffer this fate? It is cruel. For some unknown reason mankind thinks he should be in control of these intelligent creatures when we cannot even control our own species and our over-population of the planet.

All we seem to be able to do is multiply, consume, make piles of garbage and kill the wild creatures who actually belong here. What is the reason we are trapping? You dont eat the meat and are the hides of these animals worth so much that it justifies the death of innocent creatures?

I believe it was back in the 1980s that leg hold traps were banned. Hasnt trapping had its day and shouldnt we all be concerned with conservation and not killing. This brings up another very disturbing story.

While out walking just south of Brisco, my partner and I stumbled upon a couple of deer carcasses that had been set with snares for coyotes. Unfortunately, there were two eagles in the snares with the nooses tightening around their necks.

The large bald eagle was visibly having difficulty breathing. The smaller Golden eagle was stressed, but in better shape. We managed to cover the bald eagles head and hold its large taloned feet, while carefully removing the snare from its neck. Once freed, the eagle did not have the strength to fly away. We watched it for about 20 minutes before it finally took flight. When we managed to rescue the Golden eagle, it was able to fly away immediately. After this incident happened, I realized that there are obviously more of these majestic birds dying in these traps and I bet this is not being reported.

Can we not change the tradition of trapping to caretaking? Why are we such poor stewards of this planet and this Valley? Could we actually help these wild creatures to live beside such arrogant and senseless creatures as humans?

No one should be allowed to set up a trapline anywhere people live and walk their dogs. Shame on anyone for doing so! It is time to revise what our belief systems hold to be true.

Great respect for nature, the environment and all creatures (not just mankind) that inhabit the planet is important. We all know that we really dont know how to manage nature. Joni Mitchel once sang, Dont it always seem to go that you dont know what youve got, till its gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Margaret Porcina