Letter to the editor

I would like to thank the editor and staff of the Pioneer for printing the excellent piece ‘It’s a legal system, not justice” in last week’s paper. 

I was so very gratified to read Mr. Segstro’s very articulate and informative article. I believe he has expressed the thoughts of many of us who are struggling with what we see happening in our country and wondering what we, as individuals, can do about it.

Most definitely the legal system is not a justice system. Similarly the medical system is not a health care system, governments do not represent the people and the mainstream media reports only what it is directed to report. Everything depends on money and power. All of these ‘systems’ have become corrupted at the top levels. 

Those who look to the television set for their information or ‘news’ will be seeing and hearing only what the ‘powers that be” will allow. It seems that beating the drums of war is a big part of the agenda at this time. What is really going on around the world? Pictures we see on the television may be computer generated images. How does one discern what is real?

To Allen Segstro – good job in writing your piece about the legal system. Hopefully it will get people thinking about the way our country and communities are going and asking questions. It will be up to ‘we the people’ to dig in and say “enough’s enough.” After all, we are the ones who support all these systems with our taxes. 

Lynn Askey, Radium Hot Springs