Dear Editor:

Regarding the February 7th Pioneer story titled Webcams taking root in valley, the two new webcams installed at the summit of Mt. Swansea last year are but a part of a $104,000 investment in Mt. Swansea and the Columbia Valley that was made by several granting organizations last year. The work was carried out by volunteers from the local cycling, flying, hiking, and trail running community under the initiative and leadership of the Columbia Valley Cycling Society.

Done over the past year, the project on public land at Mt. Swansea was a great success and a huge amount of work (both volunteer and paid). It has improved cycling and hiking access, environmental sustainability, and pilot safety at Mt. Swansea. The Columbia Valley Cycling Society would like to thank all of the volunteers who donated their time and the project funders: Western Economic Diversification Canada; the Columbia Basin Trust; Recreation Sites and Trails BC; The Columbia Valley Cycling Society; and the British Columbia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Working together we get so much accomplished.

Adrian Bergles

President, Columbia Valley

Cycling Society