Eric Foster  producer Leanne Tegart co owner of Arrowhead Amanda Rikard TV Host Shawn Tegart  co owner of Arrowhead Adam Taylor broadcast tech

Eric Foster producerLeanne Tegart co owner of ArrowheadAmanda Rikard TV HostShawn Tegart co owner of ArrowheadAdam Taylor broadcast tech

Those looking to see the Columbia Valley recognized for the many vibrant locations it has to offer will get the chance as the American TV show Weekend Getaways recently featured a number of businesses throughout the region on their trip to Canada earlier this month.

Weekend Getaways is a travelling TV show broadcast south of the border on Dish and Direct TV networks that features new locations every episode, showing viewers unique places to stay, things to do and where to eat. The show airs every Monday night on the Altitude Network and runs for half an hour.

If you love to travel, want to go somewhere new for your latest vacation or just want to take off for the weekend, each episode our host Amanda will fill in the details for you, states the shows website.

Upon coming to the valley, the show featured a number of popular locations for locals and tourists, starting with Fairmont Hot Springs Resort before going to Tonys Greek Grill in Fairmont and finishing at Arrowhead Brewing Company, said Leanne Tegart, co-owner of the local brewery.

When she was contacted by representatives from the show, Ms. Tegart said her answer was quick and without a second thought.

I thought, say yes and ask questions later, she said. It was like, Yeah sure, so who are you guys? Are you going to charge us to do this?

She looked up the show afterward and realized it was the type of show she would be interested in and watches on a regular basis, noting that it would be a perfect fit for the Columbia Valley as a weekend getaway location.

When the Weekend Getaways crew showed up at the brewery, they stayed for over six hours to film the location and the brewing operations. At several locations throughout the brewery, they placed GoPro cameras to capture a number of activities including beers being poured and the operation line where the beer products are canned and bottled for final production.

Essentially, Ms. Tegart said, the concept was to show Arrowhead Brewing Company as a destination for people who were travelling to the Columbia Valley, among the other locations. She said she was happy overall with the experience and cant wait until the episode airs on August 22nd.

I thought it was just the greatest day, she said. It was Saturday of the long weekend that they were here and it was just so busy so it just had a great energy and the whole vibe of the place was just excited to see what was going on.

Even after they were done shooting for the show, Ms. Tegart said the crew enjoyed themselves too much to leave right away.

We ended up afterwards getting them dinner and hanging out with them because they didnt want to leave and just had a ton of fun, she said.

After finishing their trip through the Columbia Valley, the Weekend Getaways crew travelled to Banff to shoot video for the final episode of their premier season of the show. For those looking to watch the episode, it will be made available on the shows website after airing at