Avg. water temp: 19.9°C

Avg. site depth: 4.4 m

Avg. pH: 8.2

Avg. D.O: 8 mg/L

Avg. turbidity: 2.3 NTU

Avg. conductivity: 213.5 µs/cm

Citizen Scientist of the Week: Emma Norquay, Invermere, B.C.

Our volunteer of the week, Emma, is a local student from the high school with an interest in science, a good sense of humour, and a talent for learning. Besides discovering that “Betty Crocker measuring cups work well for bailing a boat” when the water began to splash up from the boat’s motor, she was also pleased to gain a more scientific understanding of Lake Windermere.

Emma and I compared this week’s findings to last week’s, and we were surprised to see a change in temperature towards the cooler end of the spectrum at all the sampling stations. We hypothesize that the cooler water lended itself to a slight increase in dissolved oxygen (D.O.) content of the water, since this was something we noted at all the sampling stations, too. This connection between D.O. and temperature is a good demonstration of how the physical and chemical components of the lake water are interdependent as opposed to being separate.

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