Well, this warm weather has once again turned the Lake Windermere Whiteway into a Wet Way! We expect that the skiing on Lake Windermere is done for the season, but we should have some more days of good skating. To help ensure smooth skating conditions, we ask that you avoid accessing the Whiteway when it is wet and slushy. You will find the best skating in the mornings. Lake Lillian still has some fast skiing tracks, so get out there while you still can! 

Our Virtual Whiteway Winter Challenge has come to an end. We are still collecting results from all the participants, but we are currently sitting at 5,482 km, which is 85 per cent of our goal! As the teams submit their final km, we expect that we will both meet and exceed this goal. Big thanks to all the amazing community members who participated!

Please check the Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club Facebook page for all the most up-to-date trail conditions! Hope to see you out there in the chilly weather this week!