Dear Editor:

On behalf of the deer cull supporters of this valley, Id like to say a HUGE thanks to all of the people who contributed to the delay of the deer cull, as well as those who messed with all the traps and delayed that process even further. We had an opportunity to do something about the deer problem, and now thanks to your efforts, all these last few months of preparation and time on Invermere councils part is down the drain. Congratulations!

As far as the complaints about how the entire cull being inhumane go, Im sure there are more deer and other wildlife that suffer more from being hit by a vehicle and left on the side of the road, yet I see none of you patrolling the highways each night to save them.

Personally, Id rather be bolted and die instantly than suffer on the side of the road, but hey, maybe thats just me.

I think the majority of us get the point that yes, this is our fault that the deer have become so civilized. We feed theseanimals intentionally and unintentionally, and we are constantly building further outward and forcing them out of their natural habitat; however, we can see how that can affect the town and we now need to take the initiative to fix this problem and hope we learn for the future.

Kudos to you, council, for your efforts in trying to do something about the deer problem. I guess all thats left to do now is rename the town. Welcome to Inverdeer. Oh joy!

Skyla Sam