Dear Editor:

I have now read two articles regarding the mess of hazardous waste left at the fire department paint drop-off site. I agree, this is a dreadful problem. But in neither article did the fire department or the reporter offer a solution to those people who need to dispose of their toxic products.

Its great to let us all know there is an issue, but by not educating your readers on solutions all you have done is create a bigger problem, as people who would have thought they could drop off chemicals and other toxic products now have no solution to their disposal.

You cant pour it down the drain (hopefully this is common sense), you cant put it in the landfill, and you cant leave it at the depot! Ok, what can you do with it?

Come on Invermere Fire Department and Pioneer reporters, help us out here! Dont just tell us theres a problem, offer us a solution! I, for one, would be grateful for one!

Dee Connell, Invermere

Editors note: The Pioneer made some follow up calls to see what the solution might be. There are no local options for hazardous waste recycling, but the Cranbrook Bottle Depot will accept many different items. To see what you can take there, visit .