Dear Editor:

Ah, its spring.

I just spent several hours removing 10 lbs of deer feces from my small front lawn; all accumulated since early December.

Ive done the math and it suggests we have several tons of deer feces lying about the town.

Im a curious sort so I did the following Google search: deer feces diseases e.coli. The search returned 255,000 references. After reading several of the articles Ive decided to put my front lawn out of bounds for my grandchildren.

I believe deer feces can be a real hazard to humans. I just might be suffering from fear, anguish, sleepless nights and emotional stress. Kind of sounds like a lawsuit Ive heard about.

And folks, dont give me the fertilizer argument.

Id like to suggest that some enterprising local merchant stock air masks for those folks who want to mow their lawns this spring. Who among us really wants to be breathing in a deer feces fog while doing the mowing?

Or maybe the Invermere Deer Protection Society would like to mobilize and cleanup the problem.

Frank Jones