Dear Editor:

Were all familiar with the four glaciers the proponent of the Jumbo Resort and development proposal wants to include in the controlled recreation area being the Commander Glacier, the Farnham Glacier, Glacier Dome and the Jumbo Glacier.

And were all familiar with the shape of the Jumbo Valley as a dog leg, with the east/west portion becoming the locale of the Jumbo Pass trailhead – up and over to the Glacier Creek drainage to the west. Going north from the dog leg bend were in the Upper Jumbo Valley where the proposed resort would be located. At the very north end of the Upper Jumbo Valley is Glacier Dome – a unique and amazing, slightly domed glacial phenomenon. The dome drops severely off to the north into the Lake-of-the-Hanging-Glacier far below an emerald coloured, good sized body of water with icebergs.

To access the Lake-Of-the-Hanging-Glacier is an easy day hike at the end of the Horsethief Creek drainage/valley. The trail mostly follows the Lake-Of-the-Hanging-Glacier Creek up. Arriving at the creeks downfall point the view is of an absolutely awesome rock cradle that holds the big, beautiful lake. And there at the far end one sees the creeping down terminus of the Jumbo Glacier.

The folks who hang out for awhile will, from time to time, hear a thunderous explosive sound as another iceberg drops into the lake from Jumbo Glaciers toe. When we advocate that Jumbo Stays Wild Forever we need to be sure were including this marvel just to the north and constantly connected to the Upper Jumbo Valley by way of the glorious Glacier Dome and the Jumbo Glacier the Lake-Of-the-Hanging-Glacier.

To paraphrase the April 6th Valley Voice, now, like no time before, we, the public are being called to contact our MP with suggestions to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development, which wants more protected areas to safeguard biodiversity and natural heritage. Our MP is Wayne Stetski, 250-354-2610, I know Wayne to be very supportive of preserving habitat and wildlands.

Rowena Eloise,