Dear Editor:

I was having a coffee with my friend Depacp, a gentleman of East Indian origin, and we got to talking about different beliefs and customs of people around the world.

When we got to the holy cows of India, he explained to me how some people believe these cows are sacred and they are allowed to go wherever they want in the towns and villages.

These animals can do whatever they want, without fear of being harmed because some people consider them to be holy or a reincarnation of a relative.

Then it hit me: the holy deer of Invermere (sounds like a song!)! Some seem to believe the deer have a ordained right to go wherever they want, do whatever they want, defecate wherever they are at the time on the lawn, sidewalk, front step and destroy the efforts people put into trying to make their property attractive for all to enjoy.

Perhaps these people feel that the deer are the reincarnation of some long lost relative. I do not want to sound like a bigot, but please, people, keep your relatives out of our property!

Len Burkitt