Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Mia Creek wildfire (N22240), which originated approximately 15 kilo-metres east of Fairmont. This area restriction reflects the need to protect the public in areas where fire suppression activities are taking place. 

This restriction is currently in effect and will remain in effect until 12 p.m. (PDT) on Oct. 15, 2023, or until rescinded. The order applies to Crown land within the geographic boundaries described below and outlined in the provided map. 


Occasional gusty winds are expected around the Invermere area today which could have some minor impacts on fire behaviour and growth. Slightly cooler temperatures and an increase in relative humidity could bring in some im-provement to overnight recoveries on the fires. 

There may be thunderstorms in the late afternoon on both Friday and Saturday, with temperatures of mid-20 de-grees. This could bring some instability to the area and impact fire behaviour throughout the weekend in the eve-nings. 

Poor overnight venting conditions in addition to smoke being blown in from other fires to the west, are causing smoky conditions in valley areas. Low lying smoke around the Invermere area has limited visibility for aerial re-sources in the past 24 hours. Ground crews are aware of the extent of the growth that occurred on both the Horsethief Creek fire (N22243) and the Mia Creek fire (N22240). Flights to obtain a more current perimeter have not yet been able to safely occur. Once these flights are possible, updated maps will be shared. 

Fire Size 2,417 hectares

Status: Out of Control

Crews have successfully completed the planned ignitions today on the Horsethief Creek fire. The on-site conditions remained favourable throughout the duration of the ignition and the ob-jective of gaining containment along the Andrean drainage was accomplished. 

The public can expect to see some lingering smoke over the next 24-48 hours in the area of the planned ignition. Ground crews will be conducting mop up operations along the guard where the ignition occurred for the next several days. 

Personnel are prepared to conduct ignition operations as soon as August 5 along the Neave drainage to tie into existing guard and secure containment on the east flank of the fire. This ignition operation will only occur if the right conditions occur, including: wind speed, wind direction, and tempera-tures among others. 

Other ground crews will be continuing to secure the guard lines along the Bruce Forest Service Road. Contingency guard is being finished in the Horsethief and Toby creek areas by heavy equipment operators. 

Aircraft will be supporting to deliver water to areas where it is unsafe for ground crews to operate on steep areas with poor access. 


Fire Size 1,974 hectares

Status: Out of Control

Personnel are prepared to conduct ignition operations as soon as August 5 along the ex-isting guard near Yearling Creek and Cochrane Creek to the south of the fire. This ignition operation will only occur if the right conditions occur, including: wind speed, wind direc-tion, and temperatures among others. 

The 50-foot wet line along the Cross Forest Service Road on the west flank will remain an objective for crews into the weekend and crews are making good progress on this objec-tive. 

A unit crew is working on removing fuels along the Heartbreak Creek area, working from Cochrane Creek towards the north to support the planned ignition. 


Fire Size:  2,301 hectares 

Status: Out of Control

Crews are beginning work onwiden-ing the White Moscow Road to improve safe access and establish an adequate work area for ground crews.

Personnel are preparing for ignition operations towards the north and west flanks of the fire. Planned igni-tions will only occur if the right con-ditions occur, including: wind speed, wind direction, and temperatures among others. 

Heavy equipment operators will be commencing work on contingency lines to the north and east of the fire. Safe access for firefighting per-sonnel remains a concern, limiting the ability to put firefighters on the ground at this time . 

An Area Restriction Order has been implemented for the vicinity of the Mia Creek fire.