Dear Editor:

No matter how much fur or feathers they wear, those bitterly cold nights have got to be miserable for our wildlife. Mortality is high. Especially if they cant find enough to eat. In this land of plenty where we waste 40 percent of our food, youd think communities could organize food banks for wildlife.

Urban wildlife is it that they moved into town, or they always lived here, and we just stuffed more houses, condos and golf courses around them? Regardless, I think wildlife can be conditioned to move out of town if provided with a reliable food supply. A Pied Piper with a grain bucket, if he knew what he was doing, could round them all up and move them out. But why would you want to? This is a Disney movie.

So whats government policy on urban wildlife? When they get too many complaints, they simply have the animals killed. How many experiments and research did they do before that conclusion? Not much.

If you think wildlife feed stations are worth a try, get government going on it. Insist! They wont do anything until you tell them.

Bryan Stawychny