By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

The run of Columbia Valley resident Emily Blackmore, who the Pioneer reported on a few weeks ago, in a global competition to end up as the next cover model for Inked, one of the biggest tattoo publications in the world, came to an end at the quarterfinal stage.

When the Pioneer last reported on Blackmore in the Feb. 11 edition, she was in the third tier of the competition. She passed that stage of the contest with flying colours, and then went on to win her group in the fourth tier of the competition, sending her on to the quarterfinals (which is the fifth round of the contest). Blackmore had a strong showing in the quarterfinals, coming fifth (out of 30 women) in her quarterfinal group, but it was not quite enough for her to move on the semifinal tier.

Still, Blackmore is happy with the result. “It was pretty good, it was awesome to make it that far,” Blackmore told the Pioneer, adding there are literally thousands of women in the competition and only about one per cent make it to the quarterfinals. “There are women who have been entering this contest every year from quite a few years and never made it to the quarterfinals, so for me to get there on my first try is great.”

“It was a lot of fun and it’s opened some doors for me,” she said, adding some other tattoo companies and tattoo magazines have been in touch with her in the wake of the competition, asking her to model for their Instagram and social media pages.

“I am glad I did it. It definitely brought me out of my comfort zone, and got me posting some things on Instagram and social media that I thought I would never post,” said Blackmore.

She expressed a huge ‘thank you’ to everybody who supported her and voted for her during the weeks-long online competition.

“There’s more to come, stay tuned,” said Blackmore. “I’m going to be pushing forward with the tattoo modelling and with social media.”