Dear Editor:

After reading Mr. Farmers letter regarding the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Official Community Plan (OCP) for area G, I feel I must comment on his statement that Wilmer also has the Wilmer Waterworks District, without whose approval any kind of development is impossible.

The Wilmer Waterworks Improvement District (WWID) is comprised of five trustees who are elected by the residents of Wilmer to oversee the operation and maintenance of the towns water system. The trustees do not decide what kind of development happens in the area of Wilmer.

If a developer of a neighbouring property outside Wilmer town boundaries approaches the improvement district about accessing the Wilmer water system, the trustees do not make the decision to say yes or no. The trustees bring the proposal to the homeowners of Wilmer for a decision. The trustees then relay the towns decision to the developer. Turning down a developer does not mean that development can never take place; it just means that it will not take place using Wilmer water.

This brings me to the official community plan questionnaire that has been sent to the residents of Area G. We have not been told to participate, but asked to. Zoning of property is in the hands of the regional district who represent the residents of Area G. The regional district board is asking the residents what development they want to see in their area in the future.

This does not mean that there is a hidden agenda or even a proposal in the works, but that the regional district would like to know how people feel in advance of any proposals that may be put forward. I would encourage everyone who received a questionnaire to read it thoughtfully, fill it out and return it. It is your chance to have your opinion heard. If you do not respond when asked, the natural assumption is that you do not care one way or the other.

Karen Reisle, Wilmer

Wilmer Waterworks Improvement District trustee