Dear Editor:

I attended the all-candidates forum at DTSS last week, with the hope of solidifying my political stance and aligning myself with the candidate that best echoes my needs. I am a 44-year-old woman who has made a different choice in life. By different, I mean that, although I love children and support families always, Ive chosen not to become a parent. In a world with more than seven billion humans occupying it, I feel that, at this point in history, it is a positive and eco-friendly decision to have less or no children. Again, I am not anti-family but simply anti- lets do the same thing weve always done and not think about the impact on our world.

I find it bizarre and frustrating that, while we hear our politicians discussing ways to reward companies for being environmentally responsible and initiatives to support the individual in their green-thinking ways, and we hear great promises about what will be done with our tax dollars to support families and give child tax credits, supplement the education system and affordable daycare, while these are all wonderful things, in doesnt escape me that people are continually being rewarded for having children, but the people who opt to not become parents and put no additional pressure on our economy are completely invisible. Having children is a choice, one that should be considered from all angles, especially from a financial standpoint. There are many single women and couples out there who have made the same choice as I have and I cant figure out where we fit in in the eyes of our political system. We pay substantial income taxes too.

My vote will go to the first party whose candidate contacts me ( and tells me in clear language what it is that they are planning to do on my behalf.

Kim Baker