Dear Editor:

I would like to send out a Jeers to the town of Invermere. I think that trying to beat the city of Winnipeg out of the longest skating rink in the world is ridiculous.

I visited the town from January 3rd to January 11th and drove past Lake Invermere many times, often looking and wondering how the skating rink will ever work when you can still see water on the lake.

And on top of it all, the mayor of Invermere goes on record as dissing the newly-acquired Winnipeg Jets?! Not cool at all. Good luck with the rink, youre going to need it. Go Jets go!

Shawn Miller, Winnipeg

Editors note: to fuel the competition for longest skating rink in the world, Mayor Taft wrote a letter to the mayors of Winnipeg and Ottawa challenging, Once we are successful in getting the Guinness Book of World Record titles, the only ice records that Winnipeg and Ottawa will have will be their lousy hockey teams.