Dear Editor:

I have noted with some interest, that the past few editions of the Pioneer seemed to be filled with letters, mostly condemning the Harper government in some way, shape, or form.

Whether its folks passionately suggesting strategic voting to ensure that the Conservatives dont sneak out a win either locally, or nationally with only a modest percentage of the popular vote, or letters written stating more blatantly the numerous transgressions of the incumbent conservatives in the past ten years, i.e. Duffy/Senate scandal and involvement of the PMO and cover-up, election scandals such as the robocalls, and fraud charges, or even procedural tactics for staying in power (prorogation of parliament). It still seems that somehow polling numbers have the Conservatives hanging in there with the possibility of winning another mandate.

So if most of us (the vocal majority?) are singing from the same songsheet in that the Harper Conservatives should be voted out this time, how is it that there is still this possibility of them winning? Perhaps what is needed is to make a pitch to the conservative base that seems to be giving Mr. Harper (and his representative MPs) a free pass on all of these accumulated transgressions. It has been suggested that this base of supporters just cant even imagine themselves voting any other way other than for the Conservatives, despite many of them realizing that Mr. Harper and his crew have failed in many, many ways during their time in government.

Danny Williams, the Conservative former Premier of Newfoundland has an answer for the troubled conservative voter: Just withold your vote. If you cant see yourself voting for either Mulcair, Trudeau, or May, even though you may recognize that the current CPC candidates are so much less than perfect, then send them a message by not rewarding them with your vote, and hold tight until a better slate of conservative politicians take hold of the party. The country will thank you.

Joe Hildes