I just finished searching for the Radium Hot Springs Lodge and am finding it now to be demolished. It is a sad day and I for one do not feel that this decision is the right one.

When I wanted to see the Bighorn sheep, all I had to do was step out from the lodge when I stayed there a number of times in the past to see them.

Parks Canada has found a scapegoat so to speak in tearing this majestic building down. I for one will miss it, as I was looking forward to staying there this 2012 Christmas season as part of my getaway. Its disappointing it was a quiet, restful place for a peaceful break. If there are any ideas of someone rallying to keep it open, I would be interested in hearing about it.

Gordon Earnshaw

Innisfail, Alberta

Editors note: the demolition is not set to take place until next fall.