As it pertains to Kelsey Verbooms and Mayor Gerry Tafts dart slinging sessions in the past two issues of The Pioneer.

I would like to congratulate Kelsey for her excellent grouping whereby every single one of her darts managed to hit the bulls-eye.

Gerry, sorry buddy! Your darts seem to be scattered all around the room; some stuck in the wall, some in the ceiling, others on the floor but NOT ONE even hit the board … were you blindfolded?

I have to say I am surprised. Notwithstanding the fact that I frequently find myself disagreeing with you, you usually do an OK job of defending yourself. Not this time!

By the way: do you and a couple of councillors have a bit of wood in your hair? Perhaps its from the stick that bounced off the train. Yes, the one on the right track, with those who care about the future of our region at the helm!

Dave McGrath, Invermere