Thanks for the article about the Rocky Mountain Boys Camp that was in the August 19th edition of The Pioneer.

I attended Rocky Mountain Boys Camp for three consecutive years, from either 1969 or 70 to 1972 or 73. I have very fond memories of those times too many to list, now that I think about it. The camp was a terrific place to spend a summer month looking back, it seems like a sort of paradise.

The variety of activities made available to the kids was so broad. Everybody was encouraged to do their best and enjoy themselves. I remember ghost stories expertly told by Gaither Zinkan; thrilling games of capture the flag (all able campers would play, running around like spies in enemy territory over the course of an evening in the wooded area to the south of the camps property); weekly nights of hot dogs; skits and singing down on the lakeside field by the beach; hiking up Mt. Swansea; paddling against the wind down Lake Windermere; singing Johnny Appleseed in the dining hall; visiting the tuck shop (hoping for mail and care packages from home); and spectacular sunsets over Lake Windermere after dinner.

The Zinkans ran a great camp. Everybody should have their own Rocky Mountain Boys Camp to think back on.

Forbes Angus