Dear Editor:

Recently, the electronic newspaper e-KNOW printed an article written by Stephanie Stevens titled Brenda Bymans disappearance haunts family 51 years later, in which Ms. Stevens all but accuses one or more of the four friends who were with Brenda on the day she disappeared of having something to do with her disappearance. I wonder where she got her information, and how well she checked it out before printing it.

My heart goes out to the Byman family, for I cannot ever try to imagine the sorrow and agony they have been through, but I also feel that the four people who were with her have also been through a lot of pain and agony.

Its too bad articles like this hit the newspapers because lots of important facts were omitted, and most people would think one or more of the four were guilty just from reading a very poorly written piece of so-called journalism. All the facts should have been included in such an article.

I wrote a similar message to e-KNOW, but have received no reply. Im writing to The Pioneer because I think there should also be a voice for the four people who were there.

To those of you who continue to publicize misinformation, please think carefully about it: the implications are really strong, and can be very hurtful for all involved.

I hope Cpl. Brent Ayers is successful in solving this case for everyones sake, but mostly for Brenda.

Sylvia McLean, Edgewater