Dear Editor:

Bill C-51, The Anti-Terrorism Act, is the Harper/Trudeau plan to fight terror by turning all Canadians into terror suspects. If they were real serious about fighting terror, why not just get the banks to tell us who the terrorists are? The global cartel of banks knows everything about everyone already. Every time you use your card, the bank knows. The second your payment is late, the bank knows. Certainly they notice where the millions come from that fuel the worlds conflicts. Those who fund terrorism are the true terrorists.

We need someone to call for a full independent forensic audit of all the world banks. And Justin Trudeau is the man to lead that charge. Since Hillary and Trump are busy.

Of course, calling for an audit of the global banking system could mean political suicide if not worse! but its a risk we must take. This audit will not be easy. Banks are highly protected with extremely powerful privacy laws. Ha ha and youre not! Thanks to Bill C-51. Arent you proud to live in a country where a brick building with a vault has more human rights than 36 million Canadians?

Bryan Stawychny