Jenny Hochheiden and Dwayne Burgoyne enjoy a beautiful sunset on Playa Bruja in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Yvonne Redeker (second from right) in Cebu City, Philippines on her recent volunteer medical mission with a team that performed surgeries on over 60 cleft palate and cleft lift patients in seven days.

The second annual Silverwood and Boulder Beach vacation for several local families. Pictured, left to right: Dan, Tammy, Emerson and Mia Tutte; Kevin, Christy, Jackson and Blake Olson; Joanne, Colin, Ashley and Ethan McDiarmid; Gary and Carol Clement; Dexter, James, Griffin, Dylan and Benjamin Morsette; Daryl, Leslie, Hannah and Spencer Goldsmith; Joyce, Dale, Daven and Caden McMurray; Bryce, Trina and Kayla Wolfenden; Frankie Ronacher.

Jane and Michael Glueckler saw William Elliott Whitmore (left) at the Sugar Club in Dublin, Ireland. The Sugar Club is an historical Irish dance theatre built with incredible wood panel walls for spectacular sound.