Dear Editor:

For those who missed the Jumbo rally on April 11th, heres what you are supposed to do according to Bob Campsall: put on your I Love Jumbo Wild button and just walk past Grant Costello.

Also, if anyone is here who is not in full support of the Jumbo protest please do not get up to speak, this is not a debate. In other words, dont confuse us with the facts or any additional information; our minds are made up.

Evidently the democratic process is just for the opponents, not for the proponents. If the 175 or so people who were there represent the 90 per cent who voted against Jumbo, that means only about 200 people even cared to vote one way or the other, let alone show up. The Fish and Wildlife Branch evidently has allowed 330 grizzly tags for resident hunters in the Kootenays alone. Who is protesting that?!

While we are all arguing about Jumbo, the deer cull and the ghost of the Grizzly, the Harper government is not so slowly eroding our privacy, the environmental protection agency, silencing the scientists and the media. Spending money for a war machine not of their own making to fight…who? The imaginary bogeyman?

Exporting all the raw materials for the benefit of a few people. Selling off wholesale any jobs that might be available to the cheapest bidder under the guise of free trade. Spending BILLIONS of dollars, as if it was their own money, on scrap metal. Then theres a host of other issues specifically designed to accommodate the U.S. Agenda, such as using Canada as a military base.

Better wake up. What we need is more agriculture and crop growing to feed the valley for what is coming.

Dave Shirk, Dry Gulch