The Christmas Bureau is hoping to attract some new, younger faces at its annual general meeting next week.

The bureau has been operating in the valley for at least 20 years, but almost all of those involved in running it are already in their 60s, so the organization needs some fresh, young members to join in the next 10 years to keep it going well into the future, according to bureau chair Helen Wynder.

“Our biggest concern is to have some young people join,” said Ms. Wynder. “We need help; we need people who can come in to see if and where they can fit in.”

Around Christmas time, the bureau has made a tradition of giving out food hampers — which have evolved from physical baskets or boxes of food to food vouchers for local grocery stores— and Christmas gifts for children called “angel gifts” as well as “teen breaks” — two $10 vouchers local teens can use to go see a movie or go out to for ice cream or snacks.

“Quite frankly, the valley needs it,” said Ms. Wynder, in reference to the bureau.

The annual general meeting is Thursday, April 10th at 1:30 p.m. at Christ Church Trinity.