The Valley Echo is offering its dedicated readers an easy shot at a $500 gift card from RONA North Star Hardware & Building Supplies in Invermere.

For the chance to win $500 worth of useful products and/or supplies from the local store, all it takes is answering 20 multiple choice questions that can be found on page A22 of this particular issue, or — for those more web savvy individuals — at where, at the top of the website, a link will redirect you to to take this survey online. You may have even already filled out the survey if you read last week’s edition of The Valley Echo, as it appeared on page A32 of the September 12 issue.

Once you’ve completed the 20 questions, identified which municipality you live in, and provided your first and last names and email OR daytime phone number (so we can contact you to let you know you’ve won), either drop off or mail your entry to our downtown Invermere building, at 530 13th Street, Box 70, Invermere, B.C., or click DONE on the online readership survey.

What the survey will do is help us better understand our readership, so we can keep you better informed and connected, both via advertising as well as editorially.

Don’t underestimate your chances at winning the $500 prize! This is not a nationwide contest; the winner will be selected out of Valley Echo readers only, and if you win, not only will you be able to cash in on some great home and building supplies, but you’ll get your photo in the paper along with a little dash of fame. So what are you waiting for? The Valley Echo thanks all of its regular readers for their support and contribution to our truly unique publication.