Submitted by Summit Youth Hub

The Summit Youth Hub will not be slowed down by COVID-19. Youth needs have only increased, and therefore our work is as important as ever. Although we have closed for a few short weeks to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have continuously been working to reach the youth in our community. For the Summit Youth Hub, the youth have always come first. 

The unsteadiness of COVID-19 has brought a variety of challenges. We have reopened, but we have chosen to open for cohort nights only. Knowing that this limits the time we can spend with youth of varying cohorts, we have started doing community outreach. Every day after school, we have and will continue to send staff over to the skatepark. We know this is a popular hangout and by attending the skatepark, we are able to offer our services and connect with youth. Our presence at the skatepark provides a safe space for all youth, and access to positive role models and resources. Of course, we also have a cooler full of free popsicles, juice and snacks! 

Not only are we connecting with youth through our outreach initiative and our drop-in nights, but starting this May, we are excited to be offering free guitar lessons. This program will be taught in a variety of formats, with the best part being that youth can sign out guitars to take home to practice. Thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust, we are able to provide youth with everything they need to learn guitar successfully. 

We are also excited that we are now offering a LGBTQ+ youth drop-in group at the youth centre. We are proud to provide a safe space and a place for meaningful conversation for youth who identify in this community. 

Just like our youth are resilient and adaptable, we will strive to be this in order to continuously offer a fun, safe, relevant, and accessible hub. We are constantly growing our programming in support for youth, especially during this trying time. 

The best way to stay up-to-date with the Summit Youth Hub is through our Facebook and Instagram channels @SummitYouthCentre.